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Act global, think local

For over 15 years Global Dairy Development has provided the latest in large dairy development and construction. We are registered engineers, specialized in large dairy facilities, worldwide. We develop brand new dairy facilities and renovate or upgrade existing facilities. Our team is uniquely qualified to provide the perfect solution to your needs.

We have developed large knowledge and experience about milking cows in warm climates. We develop dairies for cows in challenging climates with heat or cold stress. We have multiple solutions for comforting and cooling cows during extented periods of heat. We are the worldwide specialist in optimizing financial performance of dairies in warm climates. 

Our approach is hands on focused on realistic and achievable expectations. We have been born and raised on dairy farms and do have large international experience with building and managing these dairies. 

We have constructed dairy facilities of all sizes; past projects have accommodated anywhere from 100 cows up to  10.000 animals. Projects have included all types of buildings such as milking parlors, free stall barns, bunker silos, commodity barns, manure storage, and calf-raising facilities. Our designs include the latest in data collection, ventilation, manure handling and cow comfort.


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Our activities

Global Dairy Development is involved in the development of projects in its early stages up to completion of the project. If desired Global Dairy Development can also provide management support after these projects have been finished.

Global Dairy Development offers:  


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Our mission

To be internationally recognized as the center of excellence for designing and constructing large dairies. We realize state of the art turn-key dairy projects and strive to be the experts in developing dairies for cows in high temperature climates.

Through our hands-on culture, international exposure, our drive and the expertise of each individual employee, we are uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class services for large dairies!

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